Product Name : iPANEL Cloud Management System
Product Description

"iPanel Cloud Management System" which is called to switchgear monitoring system, it is the application that combines traditional switchgear with contemporary computing technology and communication technology.

「Smart iPanel」indicates switchgear can self-analyze and auto adjust control functions. In practical, smart iPanel increases switchgear reliability and reduces labor force. It brings a great benefit to clients.

  • Increase switchgear safety and reliability, prevent damage while operation.
  • Reduce or without labor force to monitor for switchgear in substation, greatly decreasing enterprise cost.
  • Consolidated statistic function on power consumption and electricity cost enhances the efficiency of electricity management.
  • Potential switchgear accident warning.
  • Abnormal info. notification shorten the duration of troubleshooting and power outage.
  • Switchgear operation condition can be daily or monthly analyzed in the format of chart or report.
  • Efficient regular maintenance can be planned with the statistics and analysis data which decreases maintenance cost.
  • Optimize energy consumption distribution on the basis of historical power parameter and distribute power stably to system.
Remote Control
  • In case of natural disasters and inevitable accidents, switchgear can set "Trip" by APP with authorized account.
  • Cloud system provides enterprises with an efficient and reliable platform for data storage and sharing which greatly influences modern business management.
CategoryItemEquipment monitoring
Power value Voltage, current, frequency Power Meter
Real power(R), Apparent power(S), Reactive power(Q) Power Meter
KWH, KVARH, Demand Power Meter
Power factor, Voltage harmonic, Current harmonic Power Meter
Other power value Power Meter
Control value CB operation & TRIP condition DIO Controller
CB overcurrent message (50/51, 50N/51N) Protective Relay
CB fault voltage message (27/59) Protective Relay
CB reclosing message (79) Auto. reclosing relay
DS/ PT trolley/ Earthing switch condition DIO Controller
Other control value Controller
Safety value Temp of CB contactor, cable connector, busbar joint point Wireless Temp. and Humid. monitor device
Partial discharge value Temp. and Humid. detector
Temp. & Humid. of compartment Temp. and Humid. detector
Ambient Temp. & Humid. of substation Galvanized Zinc Alloyed Steel (Front door painting SPHC)
Capacitor Surface Temp. Temp. detector
Reactor Core Temp. Temp. detector
Transformer Core Temp. 49 Relay
Capacitor massage (degradation value, on-line capacity, closing time) iAPFR
UPS massage (battery capacity, remaining supply time) UPS
Other safety value Sensor


APP version

Website version

Log-in page

HEALTH BOARD of substation and switchgear operation

AI diagnosis Health indication:

  • Green - Switchgear health is "Normal"
  • Orange - Switchgear health is "Warning"
  • Red - Switchgear health is "Abnormal"

Substation and switchgear MANAGEMENT BOARD

  • Green - All switchgears are in the online condition.
  • Red - One of the switchgears is disconnected.
Table of abnormal occurrence in this month
Region District Unprocessed Processed Completed
Taiwan Client A 16 11 13
Client B 7 5 3
Vietnam Client C 10 5 2
Thailand Client D 11 8 5
Table of abnormal occurrence in this month
Region District Event alarm Number of trip
Taiwan Client A 16 13
Client B 7 5
Vietnam Client C 10 5
Thailand Client D 11 8

Power consumption statistics

Power consumption chart

Demand analysis

Daily report subscription: Daily mails are delivered to client mailbox automatically.
Available to export Daily / Monthly / Yearly report with EXCEL report.

Current flow analysis

The cloud system can quickly analyze the proportion of electricity flow per unit in the plant, such as production process/ mechanical/ public class. And the information can be compared with the previous one.

Single Line Diagram Board

Switchgear device MANAGEMENT BOARD

Switchgear Internal Temperature Rise THE COMMON PROBLEM IN SWITCHGEAR

Spots prone to temperature anomaly in medium voltage switchgear


Load error interferes current consumption to nearly the upper safety limitation. Copper connection screw loosen makes contact resistance rise.

Circuit Breaker Joint

CB fixed and movable contactors are not connected completely that the over operation result in surface melting.

Cable Terminal

The raise of contact resistance, and insulation degrades results from loose of cable terminal.

SOLUTIONTemperature and Humidity Online Monitoring

Wireless thermal monitoring

Wireless thermal monitoring device, composed of wireless sensors, antenna and reader adopts Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) to sense temperature variation.

Indoor arrangement in the medium voltage switchgear, it features in continuous circuit breaker temperature online monitoring.


Adopting surface acoustic wave technique (SAW), self-powered by piezoelectric material.

Wireless transmission

Wireless reception and transmission with application of SAW.

Sensitive temp. sensing

Fast temperature measurement and free power consumption.

Insulating protection unrequired

Compact sensor which can be installed directly on medium voltage conductor.

Permanently maintenance-free

Battery-free sensor. Data reader is DC supply, no need to power off during replacement.

Partial discharge detecting

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) detecting function is used as an estimation of insulating degradation in the compartment, which enhances switchgear safety.

Ambient temperature & humidity of substation

Wireless thermal monitoring device, composed of wireless sensors, antenna and reader adopts Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) to sense temperature variation. Indoor arrangement in the medium voltage switchgear, it features in continuous circuit breaker temperature online monitoring.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring on switchgear compartment
(Standard IEC 62271-200) monitoring

Equipped with 3-circuit sensors which can monitor and control temperature and humidity of three compartments (CB room、Cable room、Busbar room) at the same time. Additionally, it can automatically heat up, dehumidify, and cool down inside of the switchgear to prevent accidents result from moisture, creepage, and flashover. Thus, safety in power system is increased.


Temperature monitoring on breaker contactor

Temperature monitoring on cable

Temperature monitoring on busbar

Temperature monitoring on transformer busbar

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