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Great Engineering Team - HYECgreat engineering team

Horng Yu Electric established the Electrical Engineering Division for more than 20 years and started the electrical contracting service. Our Electrical Engineering Division, including the top staffs in Design, Manufacturing, Procurement, and Engineer, have grown stronger with our professionalism, up-to-date equipment, and computer-aid skill which are the reasons for you to entrust your electrical engineering construction to us.

Electrical Serviceengineering service

  1. Medium/Low Voltage and DC/AC Electrical Engineering
  2. Switchgear/UPS Installation
  3. Automation Engineering
  4. Power Distribution System
  5. Illumination / Electricity Loading Distribution Construction
  6. Power Substation
  7. Emergency Power Trouble Shooting
  8. Oil Immersed Transformer Insulation Oil Checking & Replacing
Electrical Engineering - HYEC

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