Thailand Mahidol University

Thailand Transformer Cloud Monitoring Distribution Box

HORNG YU ELECTRIC made the transformer cloud monitoring distribution box and successfully sold it to Mahidol university in Thailand, providing transformer power information collection, real-time temperature display, oil temperature, oil pressure and oil level alarm functions. User monitors the power consumption through cloud platform from web or mobile phone APP. System will generate daily, monthly, and annual reports, allowing users to save daily meter reading manpower effectively. Curve graphs and power consumption forecasts allow customers to judge the power consumption of each load and perform effective load control.The AI function is introduced to provide customers with the need to understand the overall health of the transformer, and to display the percentage of health in real time, making it easier to perform detection and evaluation. Equipped with an IP 68 cabinet allows not only for indoor, but outdoor installation that provides excellent equipment protection. If there is any abnormality in the device, the cloud alarm system will directly send an abnormal notification, and the customer can go directly to troubleshoot.The network can use wired network (Ethernet), Wi-Fi, SIM card communication module, which is convenient for customers to choose in different fields.

National Taiwan University of Arts

Performing Arts Hall Renovation Project

System voltage: 22.8KV
This case adopts CNS 3990 MWG TYPE Self Stand type
Location of use: Banqiao District, New Taipei City
Performance completion date: January 2014

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Engineering Hall 1 Substation Renewal Project

System voltage: 22.8KV
Capacity: 300KVA
This case adopts CNS 15156-200 standard type Indoor high Voltage panel Location of use: Keelung Road, Taipei City
Performance completion date: February 2018

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