2019/03/11 MON.

Founded in 1987, HYEC is one of the representative corporations in electrical industry after great efforts over 30 years.
We still keep up with the times. Horng Yu always nonstop advancing ourselves.
In this year, we are launching a new Cloud system combines regular power monitoring with data collecting, data analysis, and anomaly notification which are called IoT application.
Let’s take part in this big event to share our joy with you.
More details about launch party in April please view on the Horng Yu FB fan page.

Booth information

Date:2019/04/07 AM. 0900~PM. 0200 (Lunch at HYEC restaurant)

Location:5F Large Conference Room

Link: https://www.facebook.com/HORNG-YU-ELECTRIC-CO-LTD-576615649058520/?eid=ARBcxTJuMepyN02eAis8kTPPIOk_oSS9VL6FQqCPb-8gHINH6sN5J1Pjp3nX008iuLmvhQSroLpLXb7e

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