Directorate General of Highways

Xibin Expressway

This project starts from Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County in the north, connects to the Datan Interchange of Taiwan Route 66 Expressway, and connects with Taiwan Route 15 in front of the north entrance of Fengbi Tunnel in Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County. The end of the project is near the south entrance of Fengbi Tunnel. Total length is about 20.7 kilometers. The expressway is arranged between the completed side lanes on both sides, most of which are of elevated bridge type. Two up and down ramps are set up at Yongan Fishing Port (County Road 114) and Zhu 1 Line, and the north exit of Fengbi Tunnel is set up with a south-entry and north-out ramp. Among them, WH10-C standard 64K+005~69K+600 main line adopts CNS15156-200 standard high voltage switchgear.

System voltage: 22.8KV
Capacity: 6000KVA
This case adopts CNS 15156-200 standard
Location of use: Guanyin Township, Taoyuan County
Performance completion date: May 2019

Taipei Water Department

Dadu Distribution Pool and Pressurization Station

System voltage: 22.8KV
Capacity: 5000KVA
This case adopts CNS 3990 standard
Location of use: Beitou District, Taipei City
Performance completion date: June 2017

Dihua Pumping Station

Equipment Renewal and Replacement Project

System voltage: 22.8KV
Capacity: 1KVA
This case adopts CNS 3990 standard
Location of use: Dihua Pumping, Taipei City
Performance completion date: July 2013

Anping Water Resources Recycling Center (Including Interception Station)

Power System Efficiency Improvement-Main Substation

System voltage: 22.8KV
Capacity: 1500KVA
This case adopts CNS 15156-200 and 3990 standard
Location of use: Anping District, Tainan City
Performance completion date: October 2018

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