Product Name : Copper Laminated Connector
Product Description

Structure and Features

Our laminated copper connection and busbar shunts are diffusion welding into bond structure with high conductivity over 99% copper foil. It is an ideal solution for vibration absorption and flexible positioning. Both ends can in silver plated to increase the conductivity.

HORNG YU ELECTRIC is your best choice suppliers of copper busbar for electricity application.

  • Diffusion Bonding contact areas
  • High flexibility
  • Vibration absorption & Offset adjustment
  • Suitable for corrosive environments
  • Thermal contraction/expansion adaptable.
  • High electric conductivity 100% IACS

Diverse Applications

The applications of our laminated copper connection have been found in switchgear, transformer, generator, machinery, and battery module. Tell from that, copper connectors play an influential role of power transmission and distribution. HYEC are reliable copper laminated busbar suppliers, contact us at your time.

  • Connection between motor and machine parts
  • Connection between busway to switchgear
  • Expansion connectors of busbar
  • Connection between battery module
  • Connecting to movable switching device
  • Power supply
  • Earth/ground connection for electrical device
  • Connection between electrodes and busbar
  • Applicable to welding guns and welding machine
  • Connection between switchgear to transformer
  • Connection between generators and power networks
  • Connection between railway or pipeline
Product Introduction

High conductivity

Customized service


Excellent Quality


With vast experience in offering copper jumpers, HYEC can manufacture a wide variety of copper flexible shunt options according to different demands.

Busbar Business Dept.


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